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What is Ayahuasca and what is it for?

  Ayahuasca or Yagé : It is a millenary tradition practiced in the zone of Amazon and Putumayo ( South America ). The word Ayahuasca has a special meaning: meaning soul or spirit, and huasca-bejuco, meaning vine. It can be translated as “vine of the soul” aya, It is used in combination with chacruna (phsychotria vidrios) to support better […]


In Colombia there are many places where you can do an Ayahuasca Ceremony (Yage), Leticia Amazonas Colombia, Putumayo Amazon Colombia, Bogotá Colombia, Medellín Colombia, even Peru and Brazil. But the most important thing is, you should keep in mind that it is important when it comes to doing it. You should know that Ayahuasca in Colombia […]

Why to do an Ayahuasca experience?

Ayahuasca or yage teaches us what it has to teach us, it heals what needs to be cured and it guides us where it has to guide us. There are things we deserve to know and things we deserve to ignore. Everything is healing, learning and merit in the magical world of ayahuasca. The experiences […]

Ayahuasca Retreat in South America

ayahuasca retreat

Our home.    Place of Nature. A space where you are welcome home and experience yourself by the mother plant.  A part of Our team. Here, you are surrounded by nature, to meditate and go inwards on your journey. Meet some of our furry friends, our friends on the journey We are all the same. […]

Where to Take Ayahuasca When Travelling to Colombia, South America

Ayahuasca, also known as yagé in colombia and many countries, is a traditional spiritual medicine used by many of the indigenous peoples of the Amazonian regions of South America. It is a powerful entheogenic brew and has caught on as a popular experience among travellers in recent years, due to its reputation for giving people […]

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