What is Ayahuasca or Yagé ?

Ayahuasca or Yagé is used for a variety of reasons, amongst them, spirituality and connection with your soul and nature, it is also a millenary tradition practiced in Amazon and Putumayo ( South America ). The word Ayahuasca has a special meaning: Aya = soul or spirit, and huasca-bejuco. It can be translated as “wine of the soul”.  Ayahuasca is used in combination with chacruna (phsychotria vidrios) to support better absorption by the gastrointestinal tract.


Cooking process of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca an chacruna leaves are brought from the Amazon, it is extracted from the rainforest in Putumayo (state of Amazonas Colombia), this is a long process that takes up to 7 days of cooking in a stove at high temperatures to obtain this sacred medicine, we perform this process in our retreat supported by our shaman.


Yagé or Ayahuasca 

Tradition throughout History

The Yagé or Ayahuasca plant is considered the cup of life in many ancient cultures (South America), it is said to provide a direct connection with the spiritual world, and divine consciousness, it is important to emphasize that spirituality can be achieved under many Practices such as prayer or transcendental meditation, however, this practice is like a direct way to reach this spiritual state, which has been used for hundreds of years in the cultures of the Amazonian tribes, currently this means is still being used by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon and Putumayo (Colombia-South America), as a form of connection with spirituality, direct connection with the divine and consciousness.



What is DMT ?

DMT (N, N-dimethyltryptamine) is the active ingredient of Yagéit has been referred to as the molecule of God it is a triptamine alkaloid present in numerous plants and living beings. Its oral use in humans is possible thanks to the synergy between an MAOI (inhibitor of monoaminooxidase) and plants with tryptamine such as Mimosa hostilis or Psychotria viridis. The brew known as Ayahuasca or Yagé includes Psychotria Viridis in its preparation. DMT is metabolized very quickly, due to the monoamine oxidase. The combined use of plants such as Banisteriopsis caapi or Peganum harmala which possess Beta-carbolins, making its ingestion and effects possible. It is important to have in mind that DMT is a molecule that is found in the natural state in the human body and its main function is experienced at level of pineal gland, It has been found that DMT circulates naturally during states such as sleep, states of deep meditation, prayer, death, and birth. 



The Role of the Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is a 5 mm pineapple-shaped gland located at the base of the skull that produces oxytocin, sleep hormones and DMT (N, N-dimethyltryptamine), which is linked to levels of consciousness and certain states of spirituality. By some, it is considered a gate between the material world the spiritual one. Some consider it to be an eye that can see beyond the apparent, located between the eyebrows. It is said to represent wisdom, understanding and spiritual exploration, it has also been called the eye of Horus in the Egyptian culture, which curiously has been found cells that belong to the retina of the human eye, indicating perhaps that with it we can also see.


How to stimulate our Pineal gland ? 

There are certain circumstances that can lead to the blockage of the pineal gland, such as our lifestyle, poor diet, chlorinated  water fluoride in toothpaste, stress, meat, etc. However, there are certain circumstances that stimulate and strengthen the pineal gland, such as contact with nature, looking at the sun at sunrise or sunset, meditation, paying more attention to your dreams, sleeping  at least 8 hours a day, maintaining spiritual practices., It is said that to the extent that this is stimulated, you can feel a slight pressure between the eyebrows.


Uses of Yagé or Ayahuasca


  • Healing

    Ayahuasca is an element whose active compound is DMT, when is ingested in adequate doses generates a mirror effect of consciousness, which confronts the participant with their own qualities or emotional deficiencies, qualities that have been since childhood or birth, generating an effect of healing, self-recognition and connection with his most sacred area and the entire surrounding environment.


  • Spirituality

The knowledge, understanding and cultivation of our immaterial essence. It is defined as the immaterial consciousness of the human being, it is the understanding that there is something beyond everything physical and material that surrounds us which is superior, and that is in all of us and in our entire universe. It is finding that which gives meaning and understanding to life. It is to be in coherence with oneself and the life that surrounds it. The potent effect of ayahuasca, whose active compound is DMT, is shown to integrate the patient into the spiritual world and the divine connection with the universe. It is clear that patients are more successful, when there is already in between, a spiritual belief, or perform, some religious practice periodically.


  • Consciousness

Is the wisdom that blossoms in the act of self-observation, which leads us to live and understand the nature of a life in consciousness.


  • Depression

Depression is an emotional disorder that causes a feeling of constant sadness and a loss of interest in performing different activities. Also called “major depressive disorder” or “clinical depression,” it affects a person’s feelings, thoughts, and behavior, and can cause a variety of physical and emotional problems; it is a mind-invading feeling in which the Hope to live and in which no meaning is found in life. It has been shown that Yagé can have a powerful effect and can substantially improve depression, even cure it in a high percentage of cases , It can find the underlying cause amidst  the complexity of the human mind, with many successful cases and healing of the pathologyted the powerful effect, that Yagé has, in eliminating and substantially improving depression, to cure it in a high percentage of cases, and get to the origin of this, in the complexity of the human mind, with many successful cases and healing of the pathology.


  • Anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorders are mental health problems, which are related to experiencing too much anxiety, fear, nervousness, worry or terror without a clear trigger. Too constant or too intense anxiety can make a person feel worried, distracted, tense and always alert. It is a clear feeling of constant worry without a clear reason, which can manifest itself in many ways such as chest pain, tremor, headache, muscle aches, gastritis or colon pathologies, with significant alterations in the patient’s daily life . It is demonstrated the powerful effect that Yagé has in eliminating and substantially improving this pathology and reaching the origin of this, in the complexity of the human mind, with very numerous cases of healing.





  • Unresolved emotional or psychological conflicts:

Apart from those already described, Ayahuasca experience has seen a great contribution to a myriad of psychological pathologies such as phobias or emotional disorders to which the patient finds it difficult to resolve them by normal conventional methods such as psychotherapy which may take years.

  • Unresolved family conflicts

A great contribution of ayahuasca has also been found in the resolution of family conflicts from the point of view of the understanding and negotiation , this is because Yagé  has the ability to free the human mind from the ego for a few hours and allow people to see the conflicts from a more objective point of view and make deep internalization of human understanding.


  • Children 

The practice of giving ayahuasca to children, when supervised by an expert, has a high success rate and can help pediatric patients with behavioral disorders that cause significant conflict for the child or children in their home


  • Addictions

Addictions consist of a physical and mental dependence , in the individual to a substance, , who feels that they are not capable of carrying out their daily routine without its use. Some of the most common include  alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, heroin and multiple recreational drugs. The powerful effect of this medicine has been shown to heal these addictions in patients who have a deep desire to change and to give up these substances.


  • Suicidal ideation

Repetitive thoughts of a patient to tempt his own life, in one or multiple ways, which if not treated in time, can lead the patient to suicide. The origin of this pathology can vary , including depression however, it has been strongly associated with patients, who do not manage any degree of spirituality in their lives, which makes it a highly treatable entity for  Ayahuasca.


  • Overcoming a Grief

Those cases in which patients can go through romantic breakups or family losses, such as a father, mother or child or any type of grief, and fail to overcome these, through the months and in some cases, years, because there is no proper process of mourning, or blockages in the realization of this, the yagé is a great tool as an aid to the realization of these, since this has effect at the level of mind, central nervous system and the most important, on a spiritual level.




  • “I can not find, meaning of my existence”

I can no longer live my life, is a very frequent sentence in human existence at certain moments. This is because the patient has not carried out an adequate spiritual path, and is putting his ego or beliefs, before the spiritual journey, which he must take as a mission of existence, which makes everything acquire meaning. One important benefit of  Ayahuasca is that it makes a great spiritual contribution to the people who integrate it into their lives.

  • Healing of physical illnesses

This is because, diseases is the bodily expression of the unconsciouss, when it becomes conscious the disease disappears. The origin of the diseases can be mental, emotional or spiritual, and when it is answered, physical healing arrives.




Myths about Ayahuasca


  • Witchcraft

The main myth surrounding Ayahuasca is thatt it is a practice of witchcraft. This is inaccurate, since this medicine, whose active principle is DMT, is found naturally at the level of the pineal gland and segregates naturally in states such as sleep, death and birth, including circulation of this during states such as prayer and deep meditation.


  • Deaths

The second common myth is that a patient may end up dying during in the ceremony. When this has happened, it has been related to medications that were  given to patients that cannot be used in conjunction with ayahuasca, such as medications for serious cardiac pathologies or very deteriorated or psychotic patients. This same unfortunate scenario could also occur when a particular medicine is given to a patient in combination with substances that cannot be administered along with said medication.  It is also important to mention, that this medicine is not a recreational drug.


  • Dependence

The third and most frequent myth is the belief that the medicine of ayahuasca can generate some kind of dependence, it is clearly proven that yaje or ayahuasca is a spiritual and conscience medicine, which does not generate any kind of dependence,There have been no proven cases of dependence,, as its name indicates it is a practice that is of medicinal and spiritual nature. (Londoño, Rodríguez and Herrera, 2006)




 Ayahuasca Retreat in Colombia


Warnings to Consider Before Doing an Ayahuasca Ceremony


  • Many taitas/”shamans” who provide Ayahuasca ceremonies throughout Colombia, don’t allow for women in their sacred time of menstruation to participate in Ayahuasca ceremonies, because some cultures have long held beliefs about the associated energies of a woman’s time with her Moon in combination with the energies of Ayahuasca.  


  • For both, men and women, patients cannot be currently taking or have recently taken antibiotics.  Ayahuasca is also unsafe for those who have psychoses or severe cardiac conditions. These conditions can be evaluated on a case by case basis by the doctor before and during the use of Ayahuasca.


  • About the previous days, it is suggested to eat a healthy meal, fruits, vegetables, avoid eating a lot of meat, avoid fast foods.
    It is also suggested the week before to avoid red meats, ideally the previous two days, eat only white meats chicken or fish.
    About alcohol, can you take a glass of wine but not get drunk.


  • It is also suggested to avoid cannabis, (marihuana) the week before, at least 2 days before ( in case of high adictions), so as not create disruption with your experience with the sacred plant.


  • If you have any illnes, or regularly take any medication, you must advice the medical staff of Psychotravels in order to assess possible interactions with Ayahuasca.




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