Psychotravels is a Colombian retreat located in the city of Medellín (Guarne village) 45 minutes from the city (wooded area), our job is provide advice, support, lodging and shuttle for people interested in living an Ayahuasca retreat for 1, 2 or 3 days, supported by a native an authorized shaman from the amazon (los pastos community) . We carry out the experience Every Week, from thursday to Sunday. If you want to enjoy our experience, Book Your Experience Hereor contact us via WhatsApp.</

( We also carry out private experiences if is it the wish of the patients from Monday to Wednesday. )


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What is Ayahuasca or Yage ?


Ayahuasca or Yagé is used for many reasons, amongst them, spirituality, connection with yourself and the nature, healing, counsciousnes and understanding. This is a millenary tradition practiced in Amazon and South America, it is also called: the mirror of your consciousness. The word Ayahuasca has an special meaning: ( Aya: soul, huasca: vine ). It is always used by mixing it with chacruna (phsychotria vidrios) to support better absorption by the gastrointestinal tract.

This medicine creates a mirror of your consciousness and through it, generates healing, creating heightened states of consciousness, understanding and spirituality.

The base of this concoction is Dmt (Dimethyltryptaline, or God’s molecule), which makes his action by activating your most sacred gland, the pineal gland, it also creates neurological effects, performing new ways of mental connection, so that the patient find new ways of thinking, and generates a sense of connection with himself and with the environment that surrounds him.


Benefits of  Yagé or Ayahuasca

  • Healing

  • Spirituality

  • Consciousness

  • Happiness

  • Peace of mind

  • Recognition of your unconsciousness

  • New Ways of Thinking

  • To Connect with Yourself

  • Healing of physical illnesses

  • Freeing your body from any bad energies that you have acquired


  • Improve Family Relationships

  • Feeling of Spiritual Fullness

  • Love for Life

  • Overcome a Grief

  • Understanding of  Life

  • To Find the Meaning of your life

  • Connection with Environment and nature

  • Answers to all the questions you have ever had in your life

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Other People Who Benefit With Ayahuasca 


  • Depressive Patients
  • Patients with Anxiety Disorders
  • Patients with Suicidal Ideation
  • Unresolved Emotional or Psychological Conflicts
  • Addictions ( heroin, opioids, cocaine, tobacco, alcohol, ludopathy, cannabis, etc)
  • Post-Traumatic States
  • Patients with unresolved grief

 Ayahuasca Ceremony in Medellín Colombia


Why is our retreat different from other Ayahuasca retreats?


  • Our Retreat is directed an supported by a native An athorized shaman from Amazon ( Los Pastos community ). Most of retreats in medellin works with Ayahuasqueros so, not real shamans or taitas.
  • Our Maloca is not closed, you can choose to be close to the fire, so inside, or to be sorrounded by nature.
  • For your safety, You will always be supervised by our staff. 
  • Our medicine is stronger than the regular yages, usually our participants feels that have found what they were looking for with only 2 ceremonies.
  • We consider that a patient does not require 4, 5, 8 or 15 days of ceremony for their healing, rather we feel that this has an economic issue in those who perform it. If you want a good experience, you need good medicine and a genuine shaman.
  • We have been in this same place, for more than 25 years ( Most of the retreats in Medellín were created 2 or 3 years ago and they are not genuine ) , and our shaman are highly recognized by the national indigenuos community and we have the official credentials show you.
  • You will also be supervised by a western doctor, to analyze previous pathologies and possible interactions with other medications that patiente takes,to ask about previus illnes that the patient could be suffering, and in most of the ceremonies you will be supervised by him.
  •  All our medicine (Yagé) is prepared here in our retreat, with leaves ( Chacruna ) and trunks ( Ayahuasca ) brought directly from the Amazon (putumayo), by our shaman with his indigenous recipe, This requires 8 days of cooking, ( most of retreats buy the Yage already made, without being clear about its origin, so, not safe)
  • We perform the pickup and drop off service, directly from your home, in our privated shuttle service, for more safety (if it’s your choice, 10 usd extra)

 Ayahuasca Retreat in Medellín Colombia



How do we Do the Experience?


  • We are an expert and professional group in this area, with more than 25 years of experience in the healing art of Ayahuasca. Our main objective is  our participants acquire a higher level of consciousness, self-knowledge, wisdom, and spirituality. Our concept of Ayahuasca is: it is a source of healing, counsciusnes, spirituality, and wisdom, it is a sacred medicine that leads you in a mirror of your consciousness, and higher levels of counsciusness,  this is the clue of your healing.
    We have always present our values:  humility, compassion and love.


  • From the first moment you contact us via WhatsApp or email, you will be provided with all the support related to diet and possible interactions that may exist with previous illnesses suffered and medications you use, for this, our participants have direct contact via WhatsApp with our personal occidental doctor, normally these instructions are made 1 or 2 weeks before the experience.


  • We perform the ceremony in the town of Guarne ( forest place ) (38 kilometers, 45 minutes from the city, Medellin ), which makes it an affordable option for patients who do not want to travel to the jungle. The day of experience, our shuttle service will pick you up at your home at 7:30 am (if that is your choice, 10 usd extra), then we will arrive at the ceremony location around 8:15 am (Forrest place retreat, guarne), Then after this you will be received by our shaman, and you will be given an introduction about what is ayahuasca and its spiritual body and consciousness effects. At this time, participants will be able to resolve any questions about the experience with the shaman. As a second option, we can pick up you, and drop off you, in a specific place of medellin ( meeting point ) , if is it your wish.


  • Then  we move on to organize the space where you will live your experience (the resting place). A first cup of medicine is received at 9:15 am . After this a second cup is offered at 11:30 am. This second cup is optional and is only used in case the patient does not has managed to connect or if you feel very superficial, our support staff and the shaman will be supervising the participants throughout the entire time. After this second dose, the effects of the medicine can last from 4 to 8 hours depending on the patient’s sensitivity. (4-5 pm)


  • Then we carry out an integration of the lived experience, so that, the participants can resolve doubts about your experience. Afterwards, you will recive a broth ( optional ) to replace fluids and electrolytes. As soon as the participant feels in adequate conditions, a spiritual closure is carried out, with a plant called guaira, which cleanses your energy, and closes spiritual channels


  • After this we headed to the bonfire to integrate the experience, Around 7:00 p.m. you will recive a light meal before going to sleep, after this you can go to sleep whenever you want.


  • The second day the Ceremony starts more o less 8 pm when you will recive the first cup of medicine,and the rest of the experience will be carried out the same as the first day of the ceremony. This 2-days experience is recommended for people who have deep things to resolve in their lives, or significant previous trauma, or for those who want to go deeper in your experience.


  • After finishing your experience, we return to the original meeting place in Medellin-Colombia, more or less 5 or 6 pm.  You should know that in this place the Yagé (Ayahuasca) is stronger than other retreats, and usually with 2 days of ceremony is enough.


  • In the experience, if you want, you will also have contact with rape or curanga, which is also a sacred plant from the Amazon with spiritual and consciousness effect.

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Suggestions before performing an Ayahuasca ceremony


  • Both, men and women can NOT take antibiotics at least 2 days before consuming ayahuasca,  It is also suggested to avoid drinking alcohol or eating red meat 3 day beforehand.
  • If you are suffering from any illnes or taking any medication on a regular basis, you must inform Psychotravels medical staff, to assess possible interactions with Ayahuasca. Iit is also suggested to avoid cannabis, (marihuana) the week before, at least 2 days before ( in case of high additions), so as not create disruption with your experience with the sacred plant. 
  • The day of the experience you should ideally wear comfortable clothes and preferably light colors not dark.
  • It is suggested, to use shoes such as crocs or slippers, for your own comfort.
  • It is also suggested the participant brings something to drink, if you have a particular preference, However Psychotravels provides meal, water , toilet paper during the journey.
  • After finishing the process , we will come back to the same place of departure in the city of Medellín ( starting point or home )
  • Try to bring 1 extra-clothes, is possible you need to change it after finishing your experience ( 3% of all cases) .

  • It is suggested, the day of the experience do not eat foods at the breakfast, just only take liquids and if you want to eat something, you can drink water or  tea, no solids. 
  • About the previous days, it is suggested to eat a healthy meals, fruits, vegetables, avoid eating big pieces of meat, avoid fast foods, sausages, an sauces.
  • It is also suggested the week before  avoid red meats, ideally the previous two days, eat only white meats like chicken or fish.
  • About alcohol, can you take a glass of wine the day before, but do not get drunk.
  • We suggest that men, abstain from sexual intercourse for a minimum of  2 days before your Ayahuasca ceremony.
  • It is suggested, that the woman not attend the ceremony with her menstrual period, as the experience could be stronger, and shamans do not recommend it.



one day ceremony
What's Included

pricing table

Prior Advice
Shuttle service
vegetable soup after ceremony
2 Ayahuasca cups: 9 am 12 pm
Experience with RAPE (spiritual practice with tobacco in your nose, (optional))
It is from 8 am to 5 pm
This plan does not include stay night.?


You can pay also in Cops   

  ( exchange rate ) 

( 160 USD )

2 Day ceremony
What's Included

pricing table

Prior Advice
Shuttle service
2 Ayahuasca cups: 9 am 12 pm
2 Days of Ceremony
Experience with RAPE (spiritual practice with tobacco in your nose(optinal))
Stay at Night in Our Home
All Meals Included


You can pay also in Cops         

 ( exchange rate ) 

( 320 USD )

What's Included

pricing table

Prior advice
Shuttle service
All Meals Included
Many Days Experience
Stay at Night in our Bedrooms

The Price varies according to the number of Days.


We have 2 options doing the experience :

  •  1° : starting in a specific meeting point of medellin.
  •   2° : is doing your pick up and drop of  at your home for 10 USD extra.
  • Our Ceremony is at Daytime, this is from 8 am to 4 or 5 pm, more or less.
  • Our shaman prefers to perform the ceremony at daytime, this is to work with sun energy.


We will reply as soon as possible

    Estimate date for the ceremony

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    Ayahuasca Testimonials

    my testimony with ayahuasca in colombia

    Orion’s psychotravels is a real gem of a retreat center located in the heart of the Colombian Andes. The tranquil and serene setting accompanied with incredibly attentive staff makes for an experience that’s impossible to forget. With maximum emphasis placed on the client’s safety and well-being, this retreat ensures you are well taken care of and that you get the most out of the medicine. I’m extremely glad I chose to go through with this and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in ayahuasca. You won’t be disappointed.

    Reed Sligar U.S.A
    my ayahuasca testimony in colombia

    Orion and Taita: Your gentleness and your guidance during my experiences will be forever cherished. I will never forget the love you allowed us to feel and the generosity of spirit in welcoming us into your home. Thank you for accompanying me on my psychonaut travels and leading me back safely. I am doing the work every day in integrating my experiences. I feel you as a brother in this world.


    xenia ( Ciprus )
    an ayahuasca testimony in south america

    I’m very grateful for the opportunity to receive the natural medicine. This organization is well guided with the purest of intentions. This is the best kind of travel. Heaven is in the heart.

    Austin Rogers / U.S.A
    the testimony of a european taking ayahuasca

    Just amazing. Very friendly and helpful team. A doctor is also there for you, if there is something. the place is wonderful and we felt safe there. The medicine helped us to cure our soul and gave us the Answers that we Needed. We will repeat the treatment by the end of the year in the same Place.

    Alessandro & Laura / Holland & Romania

    The people who guide this experience are spectacular, always ready to help in any way some person. It has been the deepest journey I have ever made in my life. I advise everyone that they who are looking for something in life and do not know what they are looking for exactly, do it. I will Never forget this magic that I felt.

    Aurora Castellani / Italy

    Two sessions and simply amazing… really ! Hard to put into words! But there was a camera running with otherwise I wouldn’t believe it…Never given up self-control like this… never traveled so far… Many memories from other worlds rediscovered!  Danced, sung, screamed, fought a lot with dark powers, called up natural forces, a universal language spoken from loud. Merged with nature and other beings and beings…


    Kyrian Vivian Scheuplein / Germany

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    Are you ready TO FEEL  the power and love of THE MOST POWERFUL PLANT ?