We are a Colombian entity located in the city of Medellín our job is provide advice, support and transportation to people interested in living an Ayahuasca ceremony supervised by Medical Staff. We carry out the experience every day from Wednesday to Sunday and holidays. If you are interestedBook Your Experience Here, or contact us via WhatsApp.


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Our Ways of living an Ayahuasca Experience 


  • Experience Day:

It consists in making a day of experience with Ayahuasca from morning until afternoon, more or less from 8 am to 4 pm, with a recognized shaman in our city …     120 USD    or    370,ooo   COP.


  • 2 People Doing the Experience: 

This consists in 2 people interested in doing a day of experience with Ayahuasca from morning to afternoon, from 8 a.m. at 5 p.m., without stay at night….     230 USD    or    730,ooo  COP.


  • Experience day plus night plus other Ayahuasca take:

For those participants who, after experiencing Ayahuasca and who have stay at night in this place, wish to drink the medicine again…     240 USD    or    780,ooo   COP.


  • Many days of experience: 

For those participants who wish to make the experience many days in this place.



Your payment can be made in USD or in Colombian pesos.


( The prices may vary, depending on the Number of people and the Day of the week, check with us through whatsapp )




What is Ayahuasca or Yagé ?

Ayahuasca or Yagé is used for many reasons, amongst them, spirituality and connection with your soul and nature, it is also a millenary tradition practiced in Amazonas and South America, this is called the mirror of conscience. The word Ayahuasca has a special meaning: Aya – soul or spirit, and huasca-bejuco. It can be translated as “wine of the soul” , It is always used in combination with chacruna (phsychotria vidrios) to support better absorption by the gastrointestinal tract.

This medicine creates a mirror of your consciousness, and through this, generates healing, creating high states of consciousness, understanding and spirituality.

This medicine is based on the Dmt (Dimethyltriptaline) which generates its action by activating your most sacred gland, the pineal gland, also generates neurological effects creating new ways of cerebral communication, making this the patient finds new ways of thinking, and generating a sense of connection with himself and the surrounding environment.



Benefits of Yagé or Ayahuasca


  • Healing

  • Spirituality

  • Consciousness

  • Happiness

  • A Peaceful Mind

  • knowledge of your unconscious

  • New Ways To Think
  • To Connect with Yourself


  • Improve Family Relationships

  • Sensation Of Fullness
  • Desires to live

  • Overcome a Duel

  • Understanding of  Your Life

  • To Find the meaning in life
  • Connection with the Environment and Nature


Other kind of People Who Benefit With an Ayahuasca Experience


  • Depressive Patients
  • Patients with Anxiety Disorders
  • Patients with Suicidal Ideation
  • Unresolved Emotional or Psychological Conflicts
  • Addictions ( heroin, cocaine,  tobacco, alcohol, ludopathy, cannabis, etc)
  • Post-Traumatic States
  • Patients with unresolved duels


Experience Ayahuasca in Medellín Colombia-South America


How we do the experience

  • We provide ayahuasca experiences in a east town of medellin , at 40 minutes from the city. We accompany you during the experience and meet with you 1 or 2 days beforehand , in  the city of Medellin-Colombia, in order to talk about the process that will be experienced during the Ayahuasca ceremony before taking the medicine, ( you will always be accompanied by medical staff )
  • We depart from the city of Medellín-Colombia ( 8 AM ), providing the transportation to and from the  town at (38 kilometers or about 45 minutes from the city), which makes it an affordable option for patients who do not want to travel to the jungle.
  • After living your experience we return to the original meeting place in Medellin-Colombia. However if you are interested in living a spiritual Ayahuasca retreat for several days, we can also do it, making the experience with the sacred plant for several days, retreats with Ayahuasca are also made for several days if it is the desire of the participant. You should know that in this place the Yage (Ayahuasca) is strong, and usually with 2 or 3 days of experience is enough.
  • In the experience you will also have contact with rape or curanga, which is also a sacred plant from the Amazon with spiritual and consciousness effects.

…Continue reading about how we do the Ayahuasca Experience



Suggestions Before Performing Your Experience

  • We suggest that men abstain from sexual intercourse for a minimum of 1 day before consuming Ayahuasca.
  • Both, men and women can NOT take antibiotics up to 2 days before consuming ayahuasca,  It is also suggested to avoid drinking alcohol or eating red meat 1 day before this.
  • If you have any pathology or regularly take any medication you must inform the medical staff of Psychotravels in order to assess possible interactions with Ayahuasca.
  • The day of the experience you should ideally wear comfortable clothes and preferably light colors not dark.
  • We suggest wearing shoes such as crocs or slippers, for your own comfort.
  • It is also suggested that the participant bring toilet paper or something to clean and something to drink, if you have a particular preference, However Psychotravels provides lunch during the journey. After finishing the process , we will return to the same place of departure in the city of Medellín ( starting point )
  • We suggest  to bring additional clothing, in the case you need more clothes.


We Will Answer Before 24 hours

Estimate date for the ceremony

Ayahuasca Testimonials

Orion’s psychotravels is a real gem of a retreat center located in the heart of the Colombian Andes. The tranquil and serene setting accompanied with incredibly attentive staff makes for an experience that’s impossible to forget. With maximum emphasis placed on the client’s safety and well-being, this retreat ensures you are well taken care of and that you get the most out of the medicine. I’m extremely glad I chose to go through with this and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in ayahuasca. You won’t be disappointed.

Reed Sligar U.S.A

Orion and Taita: Your gentleness and your guidance during my experiences will be forever cherished. I will never forget the love you allowed us to feel and the generosity of spirit in welcoming us into your home. Thank you for accompanying me on my psychonaut travels and leading me back safely. I am doing the work every day in integrating my experiences. I feel you as a brother in this world.


xenia ( Ciprus )

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to receive the natural medicine. This organization is well guided with the purest of intentions. This is the best kind of travel. Heaven is in the heart.

Austin Rogers / U.S.A

Just amazing. Very friendly and helpful team. A doctor is also there for you, if there is something. the place is wonderful and we felt safe there. The medicine helped us to cure our soul and gave us the Answers that we Needed. We will repeat the treatment by the end of the year in the same Place.

Alessandro & Laura / Holland & Romania

The advice and accompaniment is spectacular and the most beautiful experience on the planet. Especially recommend the human quality of the people who accompany you .

Karim Scheider / Germany

Two sessions and simply amazing… really ! Hard to put into words! But there was a camera running with otherwise I wouldn’t believe it…Never given up self-control like this… never traveled so far… Many memories from other worlds rediscovered!  Danced, sung, screamed, fought a lot with dark powers, called up natural forces, a universal language spoken from loud. Merged with nature and other beings and beings…



Kyrian Vivian Scheuplein / Germany

Are you ready TO FEEL  the power and love of THE MOST POWERFUL PLANT ?