How do we do it ?


  • We perform ceremonies in the town of Guarne ( forest place ) (38 kilometers, 45 minutes from the city, Medellin ), which makes it an affordable option for patients who do not want to travel to the jungle. The journey begins in the city of Medellín-Colombia ( 8 AM ), We start the experience at the door of your hotel or home, in our personalized shuttle service, providing the shuttle  to the place, and from the place to medellin ( 4 or 5 pm ) again at the door of your hotel or home for more safety, As a second option, we can pick up you, and drop off you, in a specific place of medellin ( meeting point, 300 mts of north Bus Station ) , if is it your wish.
  • After finishing your experience, we return to the original meeting place in Medellin-Colombia. However, if you are interested in living a spiritual Ayahuasca retreat for several days, we can also do it, making the experience with the sacred plant for several days, if is it the wish of the participant. You should know that in this place the Yagé (Ayahuasca) is stronger than other retreats, and usually with 2 days of ceremony is enough.



    Ayahuasca Retreat

  • However if you are interested in living a spiritual Ayahuasca retreat for several days, we can also do it, ( 2 or 3 days )
  • it is important you know, the medicine is stronger in our retreat than other retreats, for this reason we perfom : 1 , 2 maximum3 days, for us, is not necessary 5 or 7 days like in another places.


The experience with Rape

  • In the experience you will also have contact with Rape ( sacred medicine from amazons) , which is also a sacred plant from the Amazon with spiritual and consciousness effects.



Ayahuasca Experience At the Day

  • The Experience starts in the morning at 8 am ( introduction about the medicine by the shaman, then you will receive first cup 9 am, second cup (optional) 11:30 am and continues until 4 or 5 pm more or less, however we advice the participants  to have the complete availability  on this day in order to have better answers with the experience. Also the participant have option to receive lodging at the place if you are not feeling ready to come back to the city at the departure time to the city. 


Meeting point 

  • We depart  close to the north bus station (300 mts from Terminal del norte )in the city of Medellín, or at the door of your hotel or home if is it your wish, and come back with the participants to the starting point or home, at the end of the ceremony ( from 5 to 6 pm ) in our personalized shuttle service.


    What About Food ?

  • We give food after ceremony( vegetables soup), including water for the experience and toilet paper.
  • We will provide your self of pillows, blankets an all you need, in order you feel confortable in the experience.


Who Directs the Ceremony ?

  • The Ceremony is directed by one of the greatest experts in the area and with the biggest experience. All ceremonies are  supervised by a Taita (accredited shaman) ,or an indigenous doctor, who has more than 40 years of experience on this area.


    How is the experience?

When the patients arrive to the location, the shaman will be give you an introduction of the experience, and you will sign an informed concent, after which you will be given a 40 cc cup of the medicine. Then the patient is allowed to move around in an enclosed space outdoors, that includes a fireplace with the spiritual music.  Blankets and  pillows are available in the place, to take a rest and connect with yourself.


How long is the process ?

On average,  the effects last approximately 4 to 6 hours depending on each person it is always different, it can be extended up to 7 or 8 hours, depending of the number of cups that the participant takes, every organism is different,  and if it is necessary, the patient has the option of staying overnight.


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