Monthly Archives: August 2018

My experience with Ayahuasca in Medellín Colombia, a Duel that came to the end.

All started with a love story that lasted for 4 years and a half, in the city of Medellín Colombia. After this time had elapsed everything came to an end, the relationship ended and I could not believe it, I did everything that could be done so that this love story would not end, but […]

Yagé: On the Quest for Spiritual Enlightenment in Colombia South America

My first glimpse of Abuelo Avelino, an 85 year old Taita (Healer) from the Cofan tribe in Putamayo, comes early on in the night as I am setting up my place in the palm-thatched ceremony hut, known as a Maloka. I am here for a very special ceremony of Yagé (pronounced Yah-Hey), the Colombian name for the more commonly […]

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