What is Ayahuasca and what is it for?


Ayahuasca or Yagé :

It is a millenary tradition practiced in the zone of Amazon and Putumayo ( South America ).

The word Ayahuasca has a special meaning: meaning soul or spirit, and huasca-bejuco, meaning vine.

It can be translated as “vine of the soul” aya, It is used in combination with chacruna (phsychotria vidrios) to support better absorption by the gastrointestinal tract.


Uses of Ayahuasca:


Ayahuasca is an element whose active compound is DMT.

When people drink it in adequate doses generates a mirror effect of consciousness, which confronts the participant with his own qualities or emotional deficiencies.

 This qualities have been created from childhood or birth, generating This is an effect of healing, self-recognition with your being and connection with your most sacred part and the entire surrounding environment.

Ayahuasca is been widely used to treat post-traumatic states, which may have been generated in childhood or adolescence.

Ayahuasca has the power to disappear the ego, creating new ways of thinking for the patient, eliminating old thought patterns.



It is the understanding that we are non-material beings, this is the energy we are, which depends on original energy source or God, which make us a being of consciousness.

It is also to acquire the understanding of the human being, we have a spiritual journey in this existence, since we are not just matter.


brain healing
brain expantion



it is the compression of something, beyond a pattern previously created by ego, or a way of thinking which is wrong. It is the real understanding of a situation from many perspectives.




The use of Ayahuasca is widely demonstrated in the treatment of many cases of depression, which had not improved with use of antidepressants or conventional therapies for the treatment of it.

Ayahuasca performs a search of the participant’s unconscious, and show him, an important part of the development of his life, this was generated, frequently post-traumatic states of the child’s development, which he would not be able to remember under a normal state of consciousness.


Anxiety disorder:

Anxiety disorders create frequently irrational thoughts created by the Ego.

It has been shown that Ayahuasca can disappear this ego, making the patient have different perspectives of life in front of a problem, it is also important to highlight that the constant Thinking about the future or the past creates states of anxiety, Ayahuasca has the power to focus on the present.




Improves family relationships

it has been shown that ayahuasca can gives you the possibility to see a problem from many points of view, making this, the patient can see the problem from the point of view.  This is called compassion, and you can see life from the opposite point of view.




The use of Ayahuasca in management of many addictions is widely demonstrated; among these alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine, and heroin. Is believed that occurs since ayahuasca generates an emotional healing from past and  there is the healing; there is no longer a dependency.

Unresolved Duels: Have been many cases of patients who can not forget  deceased familiar.

It has also been seen that this problem improves a lot in cases of love duels that had not been solved.

this is about what we said before, about the emotional and spiritual healing.


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