In Colombia there are many places where you can do an Ayahuasca
Ceremony (Yage), Leticia Amazonas Colombia, Putumayo Amazon Colombia,
Bogotá Colombia, Medellín Colombia, even Peru and Brazil.

But the most important thing is, you should keep in mind that it is important when it comes to doing it.

You should know that Ayahuasca in Colombia is not a recreational practice, or just only of a psychedelic nature since when you do it you are doing a mirror of consciousness and if you have a bad past you will not have a good experience, but you will always be an experience Healing, for the soul and elevation of your level of consciousness, you can clean all your past no matter how dark it may be.

In Colombia there are many people who offer you Ayahuasca, however this is a spiritual experience and therefore you must be supervised by a shaman certified by the indigenous community, not anyone can give you Ayahuasca since if they do not have the certification of a shaman You may have a bad experience, or you may end up with health problems.


You should know that it is contraindicated in cases of epilepsy, schizophrenia or basic heart disease, in Colombia it is also contraindicated with the concomitant use of antibiotics or the menstrual period in women.

Unfortunately, in Colombia there are many unsuspecting people who offer you Yagé and it is not Yagé, they use hallucinogenic plants that make you have a bad time as scopolamine can even steal or be sexually abused, in addition sometimes participants can have a difficult trance and in These cases require a trained shaman to help you with your experience.

In Colombia, when you have experience with Yagé you will be in a spiritual trance and therefore require spiritual help. Whenever you perform Ayahuasca ceremony in Colombia you must request the certification of a taita to perform this, since this is the only thing that accredits you to give you Yagé, you can only take Yagé in Colombia with trained people.

The Ayahuasca ceremonies in Colombia makes wonders with the life of the human being speaking about conscience and healing, unfortunately, the adverse events that have occurred are news worldwide and make more noise these than the miracles that this generates in the human being, but The thousands of cases of healing and raising awareness in their practitioners are not published worldwide, that is why it is so important ONLY to do it with people trained in the area, the Yagé makes miracles, but you must know that it is something delicate and you have to Knowing how to do it, only by trained personnel.

In our home (psychotravels.co) Colombia, our Ayahuasca ceremonies always the participants are accompanied by a doctor to take care of the practitioner’s safety, and with the best shaman in the city.

Since it is practiced worldwide to smoke DMT in Colombia We also do not recommend smoking DMT powder in homes since you are doing a spiritual practice and opening spiritual windows which if you do it in places not indicated you can end up in a case of spiritual possession , what we recommend is to use the DMT in microdosis, 1 or 3 drops per day, always knowing who was the shaman who sold you this DMT.

As for the preparation for  taking of Yagé in Colombia there are many myths and realities, there are places where they require 15 days of preparation in the jungle, which we think is not necessary. We think is necessary is that at least 2 days before you do not consume red meat, dressings, condiments, dairy, alcohol, avoid sex 1 week before in the case of men, in women avoid having the menstrual period this for indigenous beliefs of the energies that women handle in this era.

In our center, psychotravels  we have an expert shaman in the area, and with a doctor who will always be by your side in the realization of this practice. sometimes it is better to spend a little more money but leave your health in good hands.

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