Where to Do Ayahuasca in Medellín, Colombia, South America

There are many places where you can experience Ayahuasca in Medellin, South America but beyond this is the sum of the importance of the guide or the taita that will direct the Ayahuasca ceremony.

There are many places where you can do an experience with Ayahuasca in Medellín, south america,  from the cheapest to the most expensive, you can also do it at night or in the day, it can also be done in the outskirts of the city or in the city properly, which is not the right way to do, since cities handle low frequency energies and it is not recommended, for an adequate practice.

In Medellin, there are well-known places such as Llano Grande, Santa Elena near Arvi Park to the east of Medellin, also in locations such as the Estrella in the north of Medellin, and Copacabana towards the southern limits of Medellín, another of the most recognized and with more renown is located in Guarne, located at the east of Medellín, Among the places where this is most frequent, is in the streets of Santa Elena east of Medellín.

What is the most important thing to keep in mind when doing Ayahuasca in Medellín? There are many factors, but the most important of all is the taita that will direct the ceremony, since this is a spiritual practice, therefore it must be directed by a suitable spiritual guide, not any person can give you Ayahuasca, practice that is done in many places in the world, today the DMT(dimetiltriptaline active compound) is sold for grams without a spiritual guide, we must bear in mind that the consumption of DMT immerses you in a spiritual world and you will open spiritual windows, which may end up in possession spiritual by entities of low energy. In Medellín there are many people who claim to be Taitas without being one.

What is a taita: Taita is what they call in many places a Chaman, which is not the right term here in Medellín, since in the indigenous culture they consider a shaman a member of the indigenous culture that performs spiritual works, but works with low energies or frequencies, also called demons.

A taita is a human being that has a high spiritual level, and that was chosen by an indigenous community as the one indicated to be the spiritual guide of the whole community, given this by merits and many years of work and spiritual knowledge, which can entail years of Experience, as such, is an arduous task, however they only work with high frequency energies, directed to God who directs the spiritual changes, thus doing the work of channel with God and with high frequency energies.

It is also important a good taita since this is the one to deal with patients who are contaminated with low frequency energies or what they call possessions, since not everyone is in the capacity to perform this.

Another aspect when choosing a taita is the fact of having a high knowledge when preparing Ayahuasca since there are more than 75 different types of Ayahuasca and these must be mixed with another plant the Chackruna and nevertheless it requires a cooking process that can take up to 8 days, so that it is at a level of indicated thickness, this is why you usually find Yagés, which are very diluted similar to panela water.

Another important aspect is that it is not mixed with other plants that can harm patients, as in some cases there are remains of molecules such as scopolamine and Borrachero plant or Sabanero Cacao. It is very common to find in Ayahuasca ceremonies people who are looking to steal patients and remove their belongings, and supply substances that are not Ayahuasca.

It is also important when you are going to do Ayahuasca in Medellin, to demand taita the titles that certify this person as taita, since he is the ideal person to do this work. All the taitas have an indigenous certification that accredits them for this work.

This is the reason why, there have been cases with adverse effects in which the patient may end up in a hospital, whether or not the patient is given pure Ayahuasca as such, or because this is provided, in conjunction with certain medications. like antibiotics.

It is also important that this takes into account if the patient has any heart disease, psychotic disorder, or epilepsy, which is an absolute contraindication.

For all these reasons, it is concluded that there are many places where you can do Ayahuasca in Medellin, but more than that, it is very important to choose the guide or taita who will lead the Ayahuasca.

Psychotravels wishes you a good trip, healing and connection with your spirit.

Author: Psychotravels,  october 22 / 2018 ( taught by a taita accredited in the city of medellin)

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