My experience with Ayahuasca in Medellín Colombia, a Duel that came to the end.

All started with a love story that lasted for 4 years and a half, in the city of Medellín Colombia. After this time had elapsed everything came to an end, the relationship ended and I could not believe it, I did everything that could be done so that this love story would not end, but it was not like that, it was over. I cried and cried, for more than a year until I thought I was going to go crazy, since I did not have the love of my life.

After much crying to have gone through psychologists and multiple therapies, until the regression, to the point that nothing had worked, I met a friend who lives in the city of Medellin Colombia, who suggested that I try with the ayahuasca ceremony, He told me that he had already done it and had a good result with a duel he had suffered with his ex-partner who also lives in the city of Medellin, and also required ayahuasca to forget a love.

Well I said to myself, everything is lost in my life because I can lose more.

Then he suggested me, to contact a service in the city of Medellín that works with ayahuasca in the town of Guarne Medellín Colombia. Well, I did that and I actually organized my appointments to have an experience with ayahuasca in Medellín Colombia.

After 2 days, even in the city of Medellin, I found the person in charge of psychotravels, who gave me a warm reception. They advised me and explained how the process was going to be, which gave me a lot of peace, as there were fears and fears for being something unknown to me, we scheduled a meeting for the ayahuasca ceremony.

Arrived the day of the experience, was picked up in a specific place in the city of Medellin Colombia by the warm staff of pschotravels, who gave me a warm welcome, and in a private vehicle with several people who would perform the same experience, by the way, foreigners, which gave me more confidence, we headed to the town of guarne 40 minutes from Medellin Colombia, in a beautiful place full of nature birds of all colors and hundreds of trees and plants that welcomed us in that space.

We received a shaman who is named Taita in that place, they say Taita for being a man spiritually promoted, which gave us a warm welcome, after this we sat in a circle and gave us an introduction about the experience we would live, I remained nervous because of the unknown experience I would experience, after this, he proceeded to prepare the ayahuasca or yagé as they say in Medellín Colombia to said drink.

Everyone was given a small cup of a brown liquid with a strong wine flavor, well up here all normal, I proceeded to prepare my space to lie down near the campfire, and talk with my colleagues for 20 minutes, after I felt weak and I began to hear all the loud noises, it seemed that I listened to all the animals in the forest, I began to see forms of colors and angelic sounds.

After this I began to see how the love that lived in my interior had disappeared by this sentimental relationship, which caused me to enter a state of crying I felt that it brought all the sadness from my interior, after about 2 hours of past this I began to perceive how all self-love was returned to me by the bleeding medicine, I said within my WAO, this is the most wonderful thing that I have been able to experience.

I also understood many things about life, the beauty of being alive, the happiness of life and the people that are around me, especially my family. I understood the value they had and that the person why me cried for was not worth it. my self-love had returned completely.

When I woke up I felt absolute love for myself and for all the beings that surrounded me, I felt love for myself, for life, for nature and I understood the meaning of God, God is everything that surrounds us, it is the love that is in All of creation, and it is the same love that is inside each and every one of us, I understood that we are part of God himself.

When I woke up I could see a big smile on my face, and the others that rolled me also had it, it was the most magical experience I could have had, the sacred plants, the ayahuasca that I took in Medellin Colombia changed my life and the perspective that had of life changed me completely, I just had to say thank you, thank you, medicine, I was born again.


At 4 pm it had already been 6 hours of ceremony I proceeded to eat a delicious broth that gave us the taita.

After the process the taita makes a ceremony with a plant called the guaira, which is used to close open spiritual channels, thus feeling a lot of peace.

Finished the process again with the staff that brought us to this place of psychotravels they took us back to the city of Medellin Colombia with a feeling of pure happiness and love for life and being alive, it is the sensation of a new rebirth.

To anyone who wants to start a new life, I recommend experience the medicine bled, there is not an spiritual experience, beautiful and deeper than this, you can check on the internet. is done in the town of Guarne Medellín Colombia.

February 2017

wrtten by : Richard kelson.

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